How bad is cirrhosis of the liver from hep c? Should I be angry at ex?

Tx for Hep C. Unfortunately it is bad. The good news is that in few months medicines would cure or eliminate the virus. Make sure you discuss treatment with a liver specialist, a gastoenterologist or infectious disease specialist.
Anger unhelpful. Cirrhosis from hep c is one of the most common causes for liver transplantation in the U.S. Very bad disease. Hope you are getting treated. Means of acquisition of hep c not always very clear. Some from blood transfusions years ago, IV drug use w needle sharing, but sexual transmission not entirely clear since many couples have only one partner positive after years of cohabitation.

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I have hep c. Also cirrhosis of the liver. I am very tired and can hardly function. What can I do?

Many things. You already abstain from alcohol! Sleep 8 hours. Eat enough protein: 1/2 gram per pound of body weight daily. Alpha lipoic acid, phosphatidyl choline, coenzyme q10, b vitamins, milk thistle and n-acetyl cysteine are all valuable liver supports. You may want to have your doctor evaluate your ammonia level. There are medications to help if that is elevated as often occurs in cirrhosis.

I have cirrhosis of the liver. The Doc. Says stage 4 level 4. I also am waiting for new meds to come out in fall for hep c.Life expectancy is....?

100% normal. The meds are going to offer you a 97-100% chance of cure. Please remember this year, while waiting for meds, you need at least four cups of caffeinated coffee to help prevent any further fibrosis while you are waiting.
Depends. How is your liver function? If your docs are suggesting waiting and not going for SIM/SOF now, then things can't be too dire. Make sure you get regular screening for liver cancer and esophageal varices. If the HCV gets taken care of, may or may not need a transplant down the line.

Could tenncare blucare cover liver transplants for cirrhosis and hep c patients?

Insurance Coverage. Insurance coverage for liver transplant varies by carrier. You should check this with your insurance representative.

Should neksium 40mg be given to patients suffering from liver cirrhosis, hep c, if yes for how long?

It depends. The dose is usually no more than 20 mg a day in people whose liver isn't working well due to cirrhosis. If neksium is being given for occasional heartburn, perhaps talk to your doctor about positioning at night, changing diet, and other non-medication interventions. If you have esophagitis (inflammation) then you might need it every day. It is worth talking to your doctor about alternatives.

My husband has hep c and cirrhosis stage 4 since 2003 he is getting his liver tapped today. He is on lasiks 3 times a day at 4o mg a pop. His liver and?

What is the? Cirrhosis represents scarring of the liver. It is usefully classified as child's (or child-pugh) class a, b or c. This has nothing to do with hep c as such. Tapping fluid (ascites) suggests it is class b or c and often indicates there is poor fluid and salt management. Lasix (furosemide) needs only once daily therapy. 120 of Lasix (furosemide) usually requires spironolactone to counter the k+ loss (often in a 40:100 ratio).
Ascites. Your description sounds like end stage liver disease with ascites. Abdominal paracentesis to remove fluid should temporarily relieve symptoms andcan be repeated as needed.

Is fatty liver the first step nearing cirrhosis? Would it be like fatty liver hep c then cirrhosis? ? If you drink heavy every day for 10 year?

Liver disease. Hepatitis C is a specific virus which is implicated in liver disease. Liver disease can be caused by a variety of factors, including diet, medication, alcohol, genetics, and infection (e.g. Hep C). Fatty liver disease can be potentially reversed if you are able to treat. Cirrhosis is thought to be irreversible. Cirrhosis often starts with fatty liver disease. Seek help for heavy drinking.