How much is a circumcision surgery needed now?

When indicated. Advised in babies with urinary tract malformations to reduce risk of serious utis. Cure for phimosis or parphimosis, however it is normal for babies & young boys to have physiologic phimosis unless foreskin obstructs + balloons with voiding. Needed for recurrent balanitis, balanitis xerotica obliterans and mentally challenged individuals who can or will not retract foreskin for necessary hygiene.
Just do it. I practice in a rural community and every week some old man has to com in for circumcision surgery because the nursing home can't get the skin back anymore. Big ouch. Yes early in life it may not seem like a big deal to skip it and "the in thing", but lots of potential trouble down the road. Removing a small piece of skin at birth prevents decades of issues down the road.
Yes, recent data. Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin, a small flap of skin that covers the tip of the penis, generally performed in the days after birth. Examination of scientific studies between 1995 and now shows links between circumcision and decreased risks for urinary tract infections, some kinds of cancer, hpv, hiv, and other sexually transmitted diseases. There is a preventative effect.