Can a blood clot cause a fever?

Yes. This depends upon the cause of the blood clot and whether one may have broken loose and created a pulmonary embolus. Would have this evaluate by a doctor asap.

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I just had surgery from a blood clot hemryorid and I am run a fever why?

Infection. You could have a complication or infection from the procedure. You should check with the doctor that performed the procedure or see your primary care doctor. Read more...

I've had a cough for 4 days now, and chest tightness. No fever. Could I have a blood clot in my lung? How do you get a blood clot?

Cough. If you had a blood clot in your lungs (a pulmonary embolism) you would be one sick cookie and would not be typing me over the net. That is a potentially mortal condition and your doc would have you hospitalized and on anticoagulant therapy. 400 spaces is not nearly enough but you probably just have a bad cold or even a chest infection. Speak to your doc. Read more...