Can I squat 6 months after meniscus repair?

Depends. On your surgeons protocol and his/her recommendations. Your physical therapist would be able to give you a specific timeline for this.

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I have recovered from a partial menisectomy and meniscus repair. I can do regular squats as part of my workout. Can I do squats with weights?

Yes. Start with gradual increase in weights. Low 5 (lbs) to every two weeks by a few pounds only. Consult your orthopedics physician as well. Read more...

Medial meniscus repair with sutures 3 weeks ago is normal that I can't bend my knee or do squats, in pain is this normal?

You Have Kneesles!! Do squats?? You crazy?? You need a few weeks of rehab!! The surgery is one thing, but the rehab is everything else! Squats put the most stress on your knee (short of jumping out of a window with your legs flexed). Don't expect normal range of motion for a while. Work up to full activity gradually. Find a good physical therapist and get to it. He or she can fill you in on all the rest. Read more...