Considering gall bladder removal- what is the recovery time for scope?

Very Short. Most patients are discharged home the same day after laparoscopic cholecystectomy and are ready to return to work in about a week. Consult with your surgeon regarding activity and return to work. Latter will depend upon how physically demanding the work.
Gall bladder. Wrong topic area, but usually go home same day, days off not weeks.

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It's it okay as far are recovery after a surgery of gall bladder removal at the same time treated with a pylori bacteria infection?

Yes. Other than a local complication from gb surgery which is usually related to problems in gb bed or retained stones from which if slight infection develops requiring antibiotics, being treated for a helicobacter pylori infection would not superimpose problems related to the previous gb surgery. Read more...

Is constant sharp pains normal after a gall bladder removal have had pains for a week now in my lower right side ribs and at times the pain is to much?

No its not normal. See your surgeon. Depending when you had surgery, there might be bleeeding or bile leakage causing these constant pain or it could be entirely new problem, like pain coming from some other organ, or from the spine or even the kidneys. It would be prudent to see your surgeon about it, Good Luck. Read more...