Why does water lower my heart rate?

Dehyrated? If you're dehydrarated which causes a faster heart rate, drinking a lot of water and correcting your dehydration will correct and slow your heart rate.

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I just got out of shower and my heart rate is 120 per min at rest I took all my meds before I got in if the water to hot can you have symptoms?

Go lie down NOW. Not sure how much time passed since you posted. Go lie down, hydrate aggressively & call friend to monitor you. Recheck your pulse a few minutes after. A hot shower will cause vasodilatation and drop your pressure enough to increase your pulse if you are already prone to it, which may be the case if you're taking midodrine & pyridostigmine for POTS. Call doc if pulse doesn't normalize quickly. Read more...

Can hot water raise your heart rate?

Yes. Particularly if the water temperature is very high, like in a jacuzzi or whirlpool. However, the elevation in heart rate is usually temporary and not dangerous unless an individual has severe underlying heart disease. Read more...