What can the doctor do to help with my fibro symptoms?

Lots of things. Your physician can order tests to check vitamin levels, blood counts, kidney and thyroid function tests. They can review your current medication and supplement regimen to see if it makes sense, and make changes as necessary. They can prescribe physical therapy or massage therapy. They can evaluate for medical or surgical causes of chronic pain. And they can perform treatments like cortisone shots.
Treat symptoms. Many times we can only treat symptoms - ie pain, fatigue, depression and insomnia. Though not curative, this may improve your life. Be sure to rule out other causes of fibromyalgia-like symptoms.
Consultations. After standard meds have been initiated, the doctor can order aquatherapy for muscle tonification, osteopathic exam for sites of tendinitis amenable to cortisone injections, a trigger point evaluation & therapy, a consultation for mindfulness therapies, and referral to a medicinal cannabis consultant for pain control. .