If you've not passed a kidney stone and have a double j stent what to do?

Discuss w urologist. Stone & stent needs to be removed. Jj stents frequently breakup stones stuck in the ureter, they also relieve obstruction & help to dilate ureter facilitating subsequent passage of a ureteroscope for possible lithotripsy. Stonewill either pass on its own, or require endoscopic lithotripsy via ureteroscope, eswl (shockwave lithotripsy or percutaneous lithotripsy depending upon size of kidney stone.

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I had a kidney stone and a double-j stent. After some work on the car I pee blood. Is that normal?

Blood in urine. Any blood in the urine is not normal. However, after stone removal and double stent, some blood in the urine may simply reflect bruising and trauma. I think a look to see if a stone remnant might still be lingering is a good thing to do. Ultrasound can be a sufficient test. Be sure you drink 3 liters of fluid per day. Be sure you drink lots of lemonade and lemon extract. Read more...