Bone spur "side of heel", treatment?

Need more info. In order to answer this question more information is needed. Some bone spurs are dealt with conservatively and some are surgical issues. I would recommend you see a podiatrist for evaluation and treatment options.
Need more info. The treatment would depend on the exact location of the spur. You can try pads, ice, rest, otc nsaids. However, ultimately surgery may be indicated. See podiatrist.

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Is there any exercise or self treatment for a bone spur / bruised heel? I usually like to do all I can before going to doc!!

Yes. Ice your heels, stretch your Achilles tendon as much as possible. If you still have pain see a podiatrist for further stretching exercises. By the way a bruised heel is not really a bone spur. You have to see why you heel is bruised. Read more...