Will a baby spit up more then regular while teething?

Teeting anf spitting. Babies during teething start to dribble more salive but usually do not vomit.They can be fretful, wake up from sleep, have loose stools due to increase salivation, put fingers and other objects in the mouth and may have low grade fever but vomiting is unusual and if it is persistant then you have to find what is causing the vomiting.
Sometimes. Teething causes increased mucous & saliva production, which can cause child to spit up more than usual. Concern then gets to be dehydration. Monitor frequency and amount of urination.
They might! I do not remember our children spitting up while teeth so I am trying to relate to the question. The natural response to any irritation in the mouth is to produce more saliva, and only way to remove saliva from the mouth other than swallowing is the spit is out. Some where between these to extremes come spit up. Dr. Neil mcleod dds dentistry that lasts - quality that counts.
Teething is normal. Teething which occurs as teeth erupt into the mouth is a normal physiological process. There can be some discomfort which varies from child to child and from tooth to tooth. Spitting up more than normal is not caused by teething. If this seems abnormal to you, have your pediatrician evaluate your child to rule out any medical issues.
Possible. Common symptoms and signs include: Red and swollen gums. Red flushed cheek or face. Rubbing their ears on the same side as the tooth which is coming through. Dribbling more than usual. Waking more at night and generally being more unsettled. Inconsistent feeding. Rubbing their gums, biting, chewing or sucking more.
Stress. Spitup may be a sign of stress. Maybe more smaller fee finds with.Time for digestion in between might help. The baby is stressed by teething so adjusted feeding may help. If this does not help, i would see your pediatrician.