My eye pressure was 24/24 in both eyes. Doc was scared and did full glaucoma work up. Which came back negative. What could be causing this.?

Eye pressues. There is no particular pressure that can be said that is either normal or abnormal. What is a normal pressure for one person may be too high for another. At the pressure of 20, eye doctors start to think of the possibility of glaucoma. In fact, it is possible to have a pressure lower than 20 and still be too high. The diagnosis of glaucoma is based on many factors and not just pressure.
Need to monitor. Eye pressure is the most simple to test but incomplete. A single measurement of 24 and very young age may not cause any problem. Careful monitoring by an ophthalmologist (eye surgeon) and treatment if necessary by eyedrops and/or surgery can be effective for controlling eye pressure. Risks include age, race, family history, nearsightedness, steroid use.