Can hyperbaric chamber help a COPD patient?

Agree w Dr. Wyatt. I don't think i would clear a patient with COPD to go into a hyperbaric chamber due to risk of air trapping ; pneumothorax. COPD is not an approved indication for hyperbaric oxygen use.
It depends. Prior to approving any patient for hbo they undergo informed consent and are advised of risks, benefits and alternatives (rba) related to tx, thus if someone underwent bypass surgery and had an air embolus, hbo should definitely be considered. We have treated COPD pts previously, but the rba needs to make sense. Ie good potential of limb salvage vs bka, air embolus etc. Air trapping can occur.
No, and... There is no evidence that hyperbaric oxygen therapy is of any long term benefit in copd. Additionally, blebs on the lungs and air-trapping in the lungs, which commonly occur in copd, pose a risk of collapsed lung during treatment. Patients with known blebs are usually excluded from treatment, while those at risk for any significant amount of air-trapping are treated gingerly, if at all.