What diagnostic testing should be done to determine if peripheral neuropathy is my problem?

NCV/EMG. The two tests: nerve conduction velocity/electromyogram, usually done together can help determine your neuropathy. It is often done by a neurologist, but other docs do them as well. If you have symptoms/concerns, consult your doc who can help you find the answer/work-up appropriate for your case...Good luck.
Mostly clinical. Dx mostly based on clinical findings and underlying causes. Sometimes you may need blood work looking for vitamin b12, folate (folic acid) deficiencies, or toxic materials. You can also do nerve conduction studies.

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Symptoms general peripheral neuropathy 11- 2013. NCV/EMG 2-14 & 6-14 negative. Small fiber biopsy Neg. Is repeat testing warranted as still in pain?

Some advice. Symptoms can be often tough to define, correlate, and pin down. At times, what appears to be peripheral may well represent a spinal cord extrinsic compression, or even an inflammatory rheumatological condition. It is time to seek a second opinion. Find a nearby medical school and start with an experienced internist. Repeating negative studies is not going to provide a satisfactory outcome. Read more...

63 yr old male. Just diagnosed with diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Can this lead to circulation problems. A1c is 7. Blood sugar levels are in range.

Can lead to PROBLEMS. I am unclear on what you mean with the term "circulation problems." are you referring to blockage of the cirulation by blood clots, atherosclerosis? Diabetes is often said to be a "small vessel type of disease process." meaning that infarcts and strokes occur in limited parts of the brain or heart. Truth though is diabetes affects large vessel as well...Meaning that clots can form and travel. Read more...