Can an allergist help with my fibro symptoms?

Possibly. ? If Allergist can help a Fibromyalgia, FM, sufferer. Allergies are not considered etiologic for FM, but to the extent that they induce one to be sedentary with soft tissue deconditioning and incur obesity, allergies might be participant because soft tissue weakness, inactivity and obesity are within the several conditions that potentiate the evolution of FM. .
Not likely. I have never found a correlation between allergy and fibromyalgia. That doesn't mean that patients with fibromyalgia can't also have allergy symptoms. Allergy is a common condition; patients with fibromyalgia have allergy problems about as often as persons without fibromyalgia. I have not found that treating these allergies improve fibro symptoms. Other clinicians will likely strongly disagree.
Maybe. Some patient with fibromyalgia have food or other allergies that can cause or contribute to their symptoms. Allergy testing can identify foods or other things to avoid and some patients get relief. However, most fibromyalgia patients do not have allergies causing their symptoms and an allergist is not usually helpful.