I have raynards syndrome and it is getting worse...I now get numb and white fingers almost every day, even when I'm not that cold. What can I do?

Raynauds. get evaluated as your process is worsening bifeedback certain meds sympathetic blockade.
Get checked. When people have raynaud disease, the blood vessels become much more narrow than usual which causes symptoms. Some people with raynaud disease also have another disease that affects their blood vessels. People who have raynaud disease plus another disease affecting their blood vessels can have more severe symptoms. Their attacks can last longer, and they can develop pain or open sores on their fin.
Raynaud protection. The reason you see the color changes are because the arteries are like the heart and they have muscles around them that contract and relax. Cold or stress can contract them. When these muscles contract like the heart muscles contract, the blood vessel tightens and circulation is impaired hence the color chages red, white and blue. Therapy is directed to stop the contractions!