What does trichomoniasis look like?

Trichomoniasis. May be silent in 70% of infected people. Symptoms may occur within 5 to 28 days or much longer out. Symptoms may be intermittent. Men may experience penile discharge, burning w urination ; /or ejaculation as well as itching internal to the penis. Woman may have a green/yellow/white or clear discharge as well as redness, itching, burning of tissues. Pain may occur with urination or with sex.

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What does trichomoniasis look like under microscope?

Tailed organism. A round or oval organism with four (4) flagella (tails) extending from the cytostome (cell mouth), a fitth flagella also exist but it does not extend out but it wraps around the surface of the organism.
Agree w Dr. Parola. Watch this brief video to see trichomonads with their classic jerky motility. ********* http://www. Bing. Com/videos/search? Q=trichomonads+video;qpvt=trichomonads+video;form=vdre.