How should I treat chicken pox?

Be clean; treat itch. Toddlers with chicken pox usually don't need much treatment. The bumps will break and dry up into little scabs over a week. Tylenol (acetaminophen) can be used for fevers the first few days. Regular baths each day will keep the skin clean. Oral plain Benadryl can decrease itching. Older toddlers can try anti-itch skin lotions that don't contain diphenhydramine. More severe cases should be seen by a doctor.
Prevention. Provide the varicella vaccine for your child! if chicken pox should occur, treat fever or discomfort with Acetaminophen and prevent secondary skin infection by bathing gently but thoroughly with mild soap once or twice daily. For itching, you can apply plain calamine lotion (over the counter). If itching is severe or painful, or if the chicken pox lesions appear to be infected, call your doctor.