Are all alcoholic drinks equally damaging to liver? Or is one type better, i.E. Wine or scotch better than beer?

ALCOHOL is ALCOHOL. Too much alcohol (ethyl alcohol , ch3ch2oh) in any form can damage the liver. Alcohol in moderation is the key: generally 2 drinks a day is max . 1 drink =1oz hard liquor, 8 oz. Wine, 12 oz. Beer. The health benefits of red wine has been documented for heart health but again 2 drinks a day is recommended.
They are the same. And if you have high blood pressure, alcohol is one of the causes of hypertension. Talk to your doctor about your drinking. It is a myth that alcohol is "worse" in a mixed drink than in wine or beer. Certainly, it takes longer to take in the alcohol in wine or beer, but if you drink the equivalent amount, it causes equivalent damage. Hangover may be effected by kind of liquor, but not damage.