I am so scared of general anesthesia/surgery. Any advice?

Get information! Get information about the surgery you need, and about the kind of anesthesia that may be best for it. Talk with the anesthesiologist ahead of time so you have a better idea what to expect. Anesthesia and surgery carry risks, so check on the reputation of the doctors and hospital. Then you'll know you're in good hands. Once you're in the preop area, you can have a sedative to help you relax.
It is understandable. Going through surgery is tough for everyone. But it is a necessary thing in order to take care of your problem. We as physician, surgeons, put you through this because we believe our decision will give you more benefit than risks.
Very safe. It is not usual to be afraid of surgery and anesthesia.Talk to some one who went through similar procedure, speak to your family physician . Your surgeon and anesthetist will be happy to discuss with you before surgery, explain why you are afraid. You are luckier than your grandparents, due to remarkable progress for safety happened since that time.
Normal fear. It is normal to be afraid. We would worry if not. Don't let it keep you from getting healthy.
Many Ways. Anxiety before surgery is to be expected. I suggest methods of relaxation such as meditation, music, exercise, sexual activity (protection), moderate use of alcohol (if ok with surgeon), family/friends support. I also ask patients to remember that objectively speaking, they should be aware that they will be safer during the time of surgery that driving on the freeway. Best wishes.
Hydrate. I always suggest to my patients that they hydrate before an operation. I fell that this decreases their chance of nausea and vomiting after an anesthetic, as well as decrease their chances of major blood pressure swings. I would talk to your anesthesiologist and see if they have other suggestions to make your experience as good as possible.