Copd -- what treatment should I be asking for?

Depends on how ill. Depending on your quality of life and the severity of your diseae, you will need different treatments. People with mild disease may need no more than an albuterol inhaler to use when they feel badly. People with severe disease may need two different long acting inhalers (e.g. Spiriva and advair) plus albuterol plus pulmonary rehab. If you haven't quit smoking yet, do so and get help.
Treatments... Usual treatment for COPD consists of a bronchodilator and a steroid inhaler. Supplemental oxygen is prescribed if your oxygen level is low enough to require it. Other therapies depend on your particular clinical presentation so see your doctor. Smoking cessation is also necessary if you still smoke and your doctor can also help with this.
COPD treatments. The treatments for COPD are based on your symptoms and lung function. Mild asymptomatic COPD does not require treatment. Symptomatic patients may benefit from inhaled medications, oral medications, immunizations, oxygen, and pulmonary rehabilitation.
COPD Rx. Smoking cessation #1. Avoid lung irritants. You need to take inhaled bronchodilators, there are short acting and long acting, depending on your situationyou may need a long acting and use the short acting as a rescue. You could need in addition an inhaled corticosteroid if you are having recurrent exacerbations. There is a new pill call Daliresp (roflumilast) which helps a lot. Oxygen and pulmonary rehab...
Ideas. Oxygen, smoking cessation, pulmonary rehab/exercise, inhalers are all the cornerstones of treatment of copd. It's inhalers are given to a patient in a stepwise fashion depending on the severity of their disease and symptoms.