Who typically can successfully file for disability with fms?

Someone disabled. I take care of a number of fibromyalgia patients who have symptoms controlled and can continue to be productive in the work environment. If your symptoms Prohibit you from working you can consider filing for disability. I would discuss this with your primary care provider and consult legal advice. Obtaining a functional capacity evaluation helps to quantify ability - occupational med consult.
Not by itself. Fibromyalgia isn't a medically definable impairment. You have to have other conditions that combine with it to equal a disability listing, or you have to establish that your residual functional capacity is low enough to qualify on that basis; with fibromyalgia alone, that just doesn't happen.
Anyone. ? who can file disability for fibromyalgia (FM). Anyone who has been documented by a licensed doctor of medicine. The key is for the doctor to document abnormal body functions and severity of the illness as relates to interference with the person's activities of daily living, the ADL's. An Osteopath can document the signs, symptoms & severity of the biomechanical disorders attendant with FM.
Fms. I have come across several that filed, got denied and appealed. Success rates are low unless complicated medical issues.