Is blood blister on toe pop or not?

You can or . Let it absorb. If you do pop it use sterile needle and leave roof on to protect.
Usually not. If blister has its roof then i would leave it alone for several days until it dries up. Usually blood blisters will resolve on their own unless extremely large. If in doubt, see your doctor or podiatrist.
Depends. If you can protect it and let it dry up on its own without popping it, that is preferable. However, if there's concern that there is an infection or a deeper problem, it may need to be drained. See your podiatrist.

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Diabetic, dime-sized blood blister on toe for two weeks. Dark red. Keeping it bandaged. How long will it take to go away? No pain, no itching.

It's Gone already. After two weeks, I think it's time to forget about the bandage. The cap will come off and the dried blood will be swept away. If there is any residual tenderness, and I doubt if there will be, use a bandaid for a few days. Read more...

How long will it take for the small blood blister on my toe to go away?

Depends how you . Treat it. If it is drained, rather quickly. But, you need to use sterile instruments or see doctor. Read more...

I have a blood blister on the bottom of my big left toe do I need crutches?

Blood blister. Unless you're a diabetic or have arterial blockage in that leg, you should be able to pad the bottom of the toe,avoid tight fitting footwear and continue to bear weight on that foot. Keep the toe clean and dry. The blister should gradually recede. Read more...