Skin removal surgery--what skin can be removed and where are scars?

Scar location. The scars from skin removal surgery depends on the location and amount of skin to be removed. The more skin that needs to be removed the longer the scar length will be. Scars are usually hidden in inconspicuous locations - along the panty line, the inner arm, groin, or inner thigh.
? Bizarre question-what do you mean? The scar would be precisely at the same spot where the skin had been removed.
Depends on the sites. If you are asking about eyelids or facelifting for excess, the incisions are placed in creases & folds to minimize them. If on abdomen, placement low and under normal undergarment coverage is done. Be more specific and a clear idea can be provided.
What do you want? The answer depends on what you want. Skin removal from scalp, face, breasts, chest, back, abdomen, tummy, arms, legs, thighs, etc. Its' all possible.

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I am currently on a weight loss journey, and was curious about excess skin removal surgery. What are the prices and where are the scars? Sw: 325 gw: 120

Depends. Scarring after weight loss can be entire torso if you require a torsoplasty, arms the procedure is brachioplasty, thigh lift all of these are surgeries that you need to mentally be prepared for excess skin or a few scars that you can't see under clothes. Weigh your options choose a board certified plastic surgeon. Read more...
Good for you! After reaching goal weight, excess skin requires abdominoplasty or circumferential lower body lift (beltlift), thigh lift, breast lift, arm lift (brachioplasty), back lift, and/or facelift. Most patients require or request a few of these options depending on degree of laxity and bother. Each operation costs $8-15k or so, more if in hospital. See abps-certified plastic surgeon for details/costs! Read more...
Scars are scars. Body lift surgery, which is what you are asking about, will always leave you with scars, but if you go to a plastic surgeon with experience in body lifts, he will place the scars in the least conspicous places (e.g. Inner thighs, bikini line, inner arms, etc). The goals of body lift surgery are to reduce the excess skin and improve the form/function, so you can wear clothes and perform activities. Read more...