Can high blood pressure or high sugar cause floaters in your vision?

Not typically! If the blood pressure really goes high, where it starts causing damage, then there might be black spots that are fixed, but not floating! one may have much fluctuations in vision from high glucose and of coarse in very advanced stages both the high pressures and sugars can cause bleeding in the eye which would be floaters! but that is typically after many years of neglect!
Yes. Both conditions can be associated with floaters and othe optic symptoms. Perhaps even a touch of glaucoma or cataracts.

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Can vision loss from high blood pressure be reversed?

Depends . Hypertension can have wide range consequences to your health. Your eyes are very sensitive to high BP & can manifest it in a dilated eye examination. Serious retinal vascular disease can result in irreversible loss of vision. When caught early & treated systemically, most ocular disease (eg., vein occlusion, optic neuropathy) can be managed to prevent loss of vision, But exceptions apply to severe. Read more...