Is docusate sodium a laxative?

Docusate. Technically, colace (docusate sodium) is a stool softener. Docusate has been shown to be minimally effective. There are much better choices for maintaining an effective bowel regimen.

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I am on dialysis. I cannot stand those fiber drinks. Can I take 2 colaces (docusate sodium) a day? I know the gastrointerologist does not like using laxatives.

Ask Doctor. Colace can have added sodium (docusate sodium) in it, and your nephrologist may not want you taking things that can upset your electrolytes, even if it's such a small dose through your stool softener. So, consult with him/her first, and then you'll have peace of mind. Instead of the laxative drink, you maybe could do it naturally eating organic greens/vegetables instead. Read more...

36 weeks preg. Struggled whole pregnanvy w constipation. Milk of mag colace (docusate sodium) duralax nothing is working can I take a laxative in pill form? I'm miserabl

Call your OB MD. It is essential that the OB MD who is treating your pregnancy manage your problems without interference from this forum, as he/she knows every aspect of your constipation issues. Read more...