Can h pylori return after eradication of it 6 months ago, now have pain in the area of the original duodenal ulcer. Cannot eat anything without being?

Yes it can. Yes, it can return but may not necessarily be causing your symptoms.If you are experiencing dark stools, you should see your doctor immediately.If you are vomiting blood or coffee grind material or your stool has blood, go to er! avoid any pain meds like advil, ibuprofen, aspirin.You should see your doc as soon as possible for further eval.You may need further tests.You should stop smoking!take care!
H. pylori. Like any other infection, you can have a recurrence. See your gi.
Yes. Either you never eradicated it in the first place or the same risk factors that caused you to contract it in the 1st place. Estimaes are 50% of the worlds populatin has it, 25%in west.
Yes... Eradication of h pylori after antabiotic therapy can be confirmed with either a highly sensitive urea breath test or stool antigen test. If either of these tests were used to confirm eradication then recurrence of the h pylori is highly unlikely. Good luck.