Insurance doesn't cover medications for low testosterone is there any over-the-counter treatment for low testosterone?

Cost. Over the counter products are not effective.The best way to replace low testosterone is either with testosterone gel or as intramuscular injections.Both of these need to be prescribed by your doctor.You do have the option of paying for it out of pocket if your insurance does not cover it.In this case the intramuscular injection is cheaper.
Short I think it is important to understand that supplements and herbal remedies differ from traditional medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, in that, by law, they are not required by the government to have the same rigorous standards of proving that they are safe and effective by the fda. As long as a product has a disclaimer that it does not claim to treat any illness, the company selling it is basically able to make many claims regarding what the product can do. These products may well be effective and safe (although i would not spend my money on them unless they had data showing that they are indeed safe and effective), but they may not be. Also, interactions with medications you take for other conditions may occur, and there is no way of knowing this 100%. I would advise caution. Additionally, be aware that there are a great many products out there offering "male enhancement" or "improved sexual performance". None of these products are regulated by the fda, and none have shown any data proving their safety or efficacy. Despite this, many of the companies manufacturing these products make a great deal of money. I think a good rule of thumb is, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.