Heard morbid obesity is currently not well understood so why do bariatrics docs think they know all?

That, I don't know. Morbid obesity is increasing across the world. 70 different genes code for tendency to become obese. High sugar and high fat foods, massive advertising to brainwash people to crave burgers, fries, pizza, candy, soft drinks. All have an effect. Regarding know-it-all docs, just search for one who is compassionate and genuinely caring. You want a smart, but service-oriented surgeon.
Be more specific. Bariatric doctors, as this is their specialty, know more about morbid obesity than other physicians. Thus, they would know the most about morbid obesity. Can you expand more on your question? Why do you believe morbid obesity is not well understood, and what has led you to have the opinion on bariatric doctors? Thank you.
Not quite. As doctors, we know that morbid obesity is dangerous for health. Losing weight helps. And sometimes, people who are morbidly obese can only lose enough weight with surgery. That much we know.
We have a tool. We don't know it all- we are learning more and more, but we do have a set of tools that help us with this disease. We have a tool that works well, and better than any other tool- hopefully we will have better tools as time goes on.
We don't. Reputable bariatric surgeons will be the first to admit there is a lot we don't know about treating morbid obesity. However, we have spent years studying the disease and its effects on other diseases, as well as how to help patients stay healthy following surgery. As a result, an experienced bariatric surgeon will be more knowledgeable about this topic than many other specialists.
We don't. With diseases like obesity and addiction for that matter, medicine is revealing so much more, we have better technology, better understanding but really these are new frontiers. The thing with medicine is the more we know, the more we realize what we don't know. Doctors are always students as well, and good doctors will usually let you know what they don't know.