How to calm hypersensitive nerves after an oral surgery with root canal two months out?

Proper evaluation. The first step in treating hypersensitivity is to determine if the condition is reversible or irreversible. Reversible conditions can be treated with various methods like topical Fluoride applications, etc. Irreversible conditions require root canal therapy. I suggest you return to your dentist to have a detailed examination and diagnosis. Good luck.
Root Canal. Root canal done 2 months ago and still nervous about it? After root canal the tooth is dead and the dentist can put porcelain over it making it more durable. If you are still excited about the procedure, do some deep breathing exercise before asking for nerve pills.
Nerve pain. In neurology symptoms like these are common, either in the mouth, in the hand, the leg, or the face. If it is certain it is hypersensitive nerve pain, some people respond to these therapies: 1. ice treatment, 2. the medicine gabapentin (neurontin), 3. the medicine amitriptyline, 4. make sure the problem is corrected, so that it is not just being covered up by medicine.
Hypersentivity. Define hypersentive nerves? If your feeling a sensation after removal of a lower 3rd molar this may indicate trauma to the nerve and should be addressed with the oral surgeon.