Stiff, sore, and tight neck/ will chiropracter, masseuse or pt help?

Any May Help. Any of these folks may help.But only try 3-4 sessions. If it does not help by then, it probably will not.
Let your doc decide. If your neck is sore and you do not know the cause, . Check in with your primary care doctor and determine the diagnosis and proper treatment. He may recommend pt or a massage. A chiropractor should not be manipulating your neck as they offer only a strenuous, thrusting massage which can be dangerous in this area of the body.
Avoid chiro . Will they be able to tell you if you have enlarged lymph nodes? Arthritis ? An infection ? Tissue swelling ? They will charge you and you will still need to see an MD to figure out what's going on. Save your money and skip the middle man. Start with a family or primary MD. If nothing serious then you can go to a masseuse and save a lot of money for a massage versus chiro .