Would taking more salt in help my low blood pressure?

NO. Inreased salt intake will increase blood pressure. A diet rich in potassium can help with blood pressure. Low salt diets are very important in trating high blood pressure.

Related Questions

Can it matter if you consume too much salt if you have low blood pressure?

Too much is too much. You need salt in the diet but too much is too much! There are many problem related to excessive intake of salt.

I have low blood pressure and haven't kknowingly taken salt for 50 years. Should I start now?

No, Why? Usual systolic BP <120 mmHg correlates with ↓ed rates of cardiovascular events, thus good. All life/food is based on salt water organized by fat (membranes surrounding complex water droplets, i.e. cells) so additional salt not commonly required. Despite marketing, ↑ed NaCl salt intake does Not routinely raise BP. Primary BP control is by brain modulation of cardiac output & peripheral resistance.

I am craving salt so badly, I literally pour salt on a plate and start eating it throughout the day. I also have chronic low blood pressure...?

Salt craving. There are several reasons for craving salt. Dehydration, addison's disease, thyroid disfunction, and iodine deficiency are some reasons. Your family doctor (general practitioner) can run some blood tests that may reveal the reason.

Low blood pressure upon standing and walking around? Am I not eating enough salt?

Orthostasis. Actually it is likely not related to salt at all, but may be due to lack of enough fluids. In the spring and fall when the weather is not too hot we often forget to drink enough fluids, and water is the best of these. Recommendations are eight glasses of water each day, so nex time you feel lightheaded, try drinking a glass of water.

How do I keep myself from fainting due to low blood pressure? I'm 292lbs so I try to avoid salt at all costs.

Keep hydrated. The weight does not require you to reduce salt -- yes, you need to work with your doctor about the weight management, but you need to keep hydrated and the regular salt intake will keep your blood volume necessary for normal organ perfusion (especially the brain) -.
Perhaps too low salt. You don't have to severely restrict salt intake unless you have water retention from heart problems. If it is okay with your doctor, increase your salt intake modestly to see if you can avoid fainting spells. Wearing support stockings or an abdominal binder may also help.

Should you still follow a low salt diet even if you have low blood pressure? 100/60

Low salt diet. Probably not necessary to be on a strict low salt diet. Consuming everything in moderation is usually a good rule of thumb. I think just avoiding very salty foods would be adequate.