What ice cream can I give to my brother who has lactose intolerance for his birthday?

Lactose free. http://www.breyers.com/products/original/lactose-free-vanilla.aspx. Or http://www.Tofutti.Com/.
Alternatives. Sorbet! why not make him a dessert? Here are some recipes: http://bit.Ly/gimj1o. Or give him a bottle of lactaid to take with the dessert. Symptoms of lactose intolerance are often dose related, so a small accent scoop with a rich dessert may be the kindest thing you can do rather than a big dish of ice cream.

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Does lactose intolerance cause migraines? If not, is it possible to have problems with milk and ice cream but not cheese?

No/yes. The actual taste that comes about in making cheeses relies on germ action that digests/breaks down the lactose in the cheese. The action of various germs flavors the cheese. Some like sharp cheddar have little lactose left, while processed cheese spreads may have a lot. Read more...

Could my lactose intolerance have been brought on by an eating disorder with cheesecake, ice cream bars?

Lactose intolerance. Lactose intolerance is a common disorder due to the inability to digest lactose secondary to low levels of lactase enzyme. Drinking too much milk or eating dairy will not cause lactose intolerance. Read more...