Should a woman have labialasty for sexual reasons?

If.... If your labia is so large that it gets in the way, you might want the operation for relief of that problem.
Not 4 sex but 4 size. I would not recommend labiaplasty purely for sexual indications as there are many factors which play a role in sexual intimacy beyond physical structures that the labia are. However if the size of the labia present as a physical or mechanical problem interfering with the sexual act that cannot be corrected via non-surgical approaches, then labiaplasty may provide an definitivee option for some.
Personal choice. If she is not happy with the way they look or feel, she should consult a plastic/reconstructive surgeon who perform those types of procedures...It is truly a personal choice. Good luck.
Depends... Depends on what type of “sexual reason” exists. For example, if the labia minora tissue excess interferes with and/or is “pinched” during intercourse, reduction of this tissue may be helpful. Sometimes, patients report an increased confidence (feeling better about the aesthetic appearance of the labia minora area) and an improved “sex life” after the procedure is reported.
Labiaplasty. Labiaplasty has not been shown to enhance sexual pleasure. This procedure may help with discomfort related to the labia getting caught during intercourse or may help with self image. It should not be performed to attempt to enhance sexual pleasure.