I had mitral valve repair done can I drink alcohol once recoveredcardiologist told me he still sees a little amount of leakage will alcohol make worse?

Yes and no. Use of alcohol in moderation is not prohibited after valve repairative surgery. It will not worsen the minor residual leakage present.
Drink alcohol? I would check with your cardiologist to be sure some studies show that a drink or 2 a day can be beneficial but not to over do it. It is a little concerning though that you had to go thru such a procedure and one of your main concerns is drinking alcohol.

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I had mitral valve repair done, they said they still see some leakage, not signigicant enough. Once I revover can I drink alcohol, beer?

Mitral valve. Yes you will able to drink like the days of old. Read more...
Cardiomyopathy. Alcohol is not likely to directly effect a repaired valve. However, heavy alcohol usage can cause alcoholic cardiomyopathy. This toxic effect injures the heart muscle, diminishes the muscle function, and dilates the heart. Dilation causes valves to leak. "echocardiogram may show enlarged heart chambers, leaking valves, and reduced pumping efficiency" http://goo.Gl/po8vcu. Read more...