How to lose weight with an eating disorder history?

Under supervision. If you have an eating disorders history you need to get help from someone who can objectively monitor your eating and weight, such as a clinical nutritionist.

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Can you tell me how I can lose weight healthily if I have an eating disorder?

Food journal. I suggest to begin food journal first. Drink a full glass of water before each meal. Exercise regularly. The best programs showing results for weight loss is jenny craig and atkins. If you think losing weight will help you to feel better about yourself, you should began seeing a therapist. Weight loss will not imprve your self esteem it will only continue the vicious cycle.

I desperately want to lose weight but I don't want to have an eating disorder. What do you recommend?

You can do it. Losing weight does not require that you develop an eating disorder (such as bulimia or anorexia). To get to this point you have not been active enough for the calories that you're consuming (this is an oversimplification). So, small and sustainable adjustments in activity level and consumption will add up to weight loss. #1: do more; #2: eat only what you need to sustain good health.

Is it possible to lose weight after having and overcoming an eating disorder?

Clarity needed. Yes, it might be possible to lose weight safely after overcoming an eating disorder -- but before doing so, please see your therapist or psychiatrist. This is to make sure your eating d/o is in stable remission, and that your current plans are not a relapse. Also, you can ask for possible referrals to a nutritionist and/or trainer who's experienced with eating d/o's, who can help you.

Can avoiding insulin injections to lose weight be classified as an eating disorder?

Yes. Skipping Insulin to lose weight is extremely unhealthy & potentially dangerous. Though not recognized as a diagnosis, this type of behavior is sometimes referred to as "diabulimia." it most certainly is categorized as disordered eating. Anyone who engages in this behavior should notfiy the doctor who manages their diabetes and seek help from a professional specializing in eating disorders.
Yikes. That is more like slow suicide than choosing a specific label for the condition. Anyway, weight loss from untreated Insulin dependent diabetes is futile since restarting Insulin after the weight loss will result in reacquisition of the weight. Talk to your doctor about healthy ways to lose weight.

How can a teen girl safely lose weight without getting an eating disorder?

Fam health movement. Make it a family health movement, so your teen is not alone. Your physician can recommend a nutritionist who can educate you and your teen on a balanced diet. Start some family group exercise like walks, dance parties, etc. If you believe your teen is showing signs of an ed, consult with a mental health professional. Neda is a great ed resource.

Do you know of anyone having an eating disorder and taken cytomel or Synthroid (thyroxine) to help them lose weight?

Not really. Those drugs are only appropriate in the treatment of, hypothyroidism. Use of, them to lose weight is both unhealthy and probably ineffective.