Suffer nerve damage from neuroma surgery. Affects ability to work so what can I do?

What?where? By neuroma you say swelling in a nerve?Which?Arm, foot like morton neuroma--brain like acoustic neuroma--- if it cause symptoms like pain, numbness --you were expecting some nerbe damage after surgery--if pain is new it could be stump neuroma of course disability depend on what type of work, standing, sitting, mental activity, work on computer--i still cannot see how all type of work cannot be done.
You don't mention . Where anatomically you had the neuroma. If you are referring to a neuroma in the foot you may have developed a stump neuroma. This could be corrected. I noticed you are in baltimore. I would recommend you look up dellon nerve institute. It is not far from you , this is there area of expertise.
Pain MD. I see chronic postsurgical pain every day. Some surgeries such as mastectomies and hernia repairs have an incidence of 40-60% of patients with chronic postsurgical pain. A pain doc can help specifically diagnose and treat. Treatment usually consists of targetted interventions and nerve pain medications. Sometimes a surgeon can dissect out the neuroma as well.