Can you have sex right after a cervical biopsy?

Bleeding & infection. Biopsy will leave a wound on the cervix which usually takes about two weeks to heal. If you have sex right after the biopsy, it would the same as hitting any other area that was "damaged" by trauma. It is likely to bleed and you may introduce infection. Would be advisable to wait a couple of weeks.
Not recommended. I usually tell patients to not have sex for the week following a cervical biopsy or 2 weeks after a cervical procedure like a leep or conization. There is a greater chance of infection and the area may start bleeding more heavily.

Related Questions

How soon after a cervical biopsy can I have sex?

2 weeks. You should wait at least two weeks so the area heals completely. May may want to ask your GYN for guidance on this as well.

If you have a cervical biopsy done can you have sex the same day? And if not how long should you wait?

Yes, but. You may have sex the same day, but it is likely to result in bleeding. It would be a good idea to give yourself a week, or at least 3-4 days for the wound at the biopsy site to heal and get covered with epithelium.

I want to have sex but I just had a cervical biopsy is this bad? What will happen if I do have sex within a couple of days after this procedure?

Wait 1 week. We normally recommend women refrain from the use of tampons and from intercourse for 1 week following a cervical biopsy. Infection and bleeding are potential complications if these instructions aren't followed.
Ill advised. If your partner wore a condom it would reduce the chances of transmission of infection, but even the condom can carry organisms onto a fresh wound where they can cause infection. The trauma to the area by repetitive hammering of the penis onto the cervix can also induce bleeding. Would wait about a week.