Does alcohol show up on blood tests?

Depends. Alcohol itself can be detected in blood for a few hours after intake. A urine test for ethyl glcucoronide can be positive for up to five days. In chronic drinkers, cdt test may be positive for one to two weeks after chronic intake.

Related Questions

I have a physical 4 days after a party which involved alcohol. Will the blood tests show that I have consumed alcohol recently?

Depends. It depends on what test is done and how often and how much did you drink in the previous 5-10 days. If it was only one episode, blood tests will not provide a definitive indication of alcohol use. A urine test can be positive for up to 80 hour after drinking. Read more...

Would the alcohol I drank show up on my blood tests?

Depends on the test. Alcohol dissipates from blood in a few hours or a day at best, but effects of alcohol may be detectable in the form of elevated liver enzymes, altered blood proteins and a urine test may be positive for up to five days. Read more...