How to treat ewings sarcoma?

Ewing Sarcoma Tx. Treatment is predominantly based on resection after a agreed upon chemotherapy. I would make sure you speak with an oncologist at a specialty cancer center to discuss therapy. Please make sure that you have your sarcoma pathology checked by an expert. I am an MD Anderson trained pathologist with expertise in sarcoma. Please contact if you a free opinion [email protected]
Multimodality. As per NCCN guidelines, patients should be diagnosed and managed at a multidisciplinary sarcoma center when possible. If tumor is localized, chemotherapy is generally initiated quickly with subsequent consolidation with surgery or radiotherapy. Chemotherapy is the mainstay of therapy for patients whose tumors have spread. .

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How do you treat recurrant Ewing's sarcoma?

Surgery,RT,chemo. When Ewing Sa metastasizes, most common site is lung. Once mets found cure is difficult. It may be necessary to treat the primary tumor with surgery and or RT, while the mets receive chemo. The current chemo regimen is a combination of drugs ,doxorubicin,vincristine) cyclophosphamide and dactinomycin) Here combination chemotherapy has improved long term outcomes but not cures. Read more...