Are there fertility complications with appendectomy?

Usually not. However, if the appendix has ruptured, it is possible that scar tissue can form inside the abdomen from the presence of infectious material. If the scarring involves the fallopian tubes, fertility may be impacted.
Appendectomy/fertile. Any abdominal operation can result in scan tissue which can compromise tubal function and fertility. There is less of a risk if you've had an unruptured appendix, and if you had the operation via a laparoscope. If you are infertile post surgery the first step would be an hsg, and possibly a laparoscopy to view the entrance to the fallopian tubes.
Not usually. If appendicitis is caught early and removed without problems then the chance of fertility problems is very low. If the appendicitis goes undiagnosed and leads to rupture this can be a major problem. Rupture usually allows fecal material and its bacteria to gain access to the abdominal cavity. The appendix lies very close to the right ovary and tube. Infection can cause adhesions and tubal block.
Not long-term. Any serious illness or operation can cause menstrual irregularity for a few months, but beyond this, it would be very unusual for appendectomy to affect fertility.