My girlfriend is having terrible lower abdominal pain?

Severe abdominal. Pain warrants urgent medical evaluation to rule out a surgical abdomen.
Call your doctor. Abdominal pain requires evaluation by a doctor, not an on-line answer.

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I was having terrible lower abdominal pain and went to poop, nothing happened, wiped, a lot of mucus followed by diarrhea. No insurance should I worry?

Diarrhea. If this is a one time episode probably some type of infectious diarrhea. Most of these are self limited and do not need to be seen. Fluids, immodium if needed or Pepto bismol (bismuth subsalicylate). If you would get fever, marked pain and cramps especially with bloody diarrhea you should be checked.

I am having terrible pains during my period back pain lower abdominal pain cramps ect what can I do to help with the pain?

Anti-inflammatories. Have you tried taking anti inflammatories like ibuprofen? Naproxyn? They are both over the counter.
Pain meds, hot pads. Usually these problems can be helped with hot pads and nsaids. If your pain is severe, see your primary care or gynecologist and they can help.