What dose it mean when you have itchy eyelids and eye shadow?

Contact allergy? Do u mean that u have itchy eyelids after u apply eye shadow? If yes, you probably have contact allergy to your eye shadow! see an allergist or dermatologist for patch testing to find out what chemical u r allergic to.
Itchy eye lids. Itchy eye lids are becoming very common recently with the large amount of pollen in the air. First, i suggest that rubbing only makes the situation worse. If the lids have become red and irritated a few days of over-the-counter 1/2% Hydrocortisone twice a day will help. Only use it for a few days. Cold compresses will help with itching. If that doesn't help, see an ophthalmologist.

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I am experiencing itchy eyes, sensation of something in eye, shadow over part of vision and eyelid redness.

Eye symptoms. Your symptoms, especially the shadow over part of vision, indicate the need for you to see an opthalmologist ASAP. You MAY have a retinal tear. Peace and good health. Read more...