Varicose veins laser surgery mistakes made last time. What clinic should I visit?

Vein Center. Evaluation and treatment by a phlebologist who is a diplomate of the american college of phlebology, or a vascular surgeon who is certified by the acs should be able to take care of you, often in an office based vein center.
Vein specialist. Look up: american college of phlebology and put in your zip code under title of " find a provider" to find a vein specialist called a phlebologist. Have you already talked to the doctor who did your laser procedure? Please do that first. Vein patients need follow up and more than one type of procedure...Look at treatments on that website too.
Vascular Surgeon. Highly recommend that you see a vascular surgeon next time. Vascular surgeons are the only specialists that receive formal fellowship training in vein surgery, and are considered the most qualified individuals to be performing vein interventions. They can also provide all the possible treatment options available, which will vary based on anatomy . . . endovenous laser, phlebectomy, sclerotherapy.
Ask your MD. If you need any procedure best way to choose is ref by your family physician , by you family member or fried who had it done before, not by looking at a big sign in the street.