Uti symptoms but no UTI on culture is what?

It may never show up. Utis is a clinical diagnosis - that means for a physician, we rely mainly on the patient's symptoms (pain on urination, hesitancy, frequency, flank/supra pubic pain) to make a dx. In many cases, we can grow and isolate the offending organism in the lab in <24hrs. In other cases, it is much harder to do this (eg chlamydia, ureaplasma, mycoplasma) - sometimes resulting in a negative culture.
Irritated bladder. Irritated bladder (interstitial cystitis) causes UTI like discomfort and symptoms in the absence of actual infection. It is usually caused by irritants such as caffeine, artificial food colors, sweeteners. Taking vitamin D3 10, 000 IU/day, probiotics and zinc supplement (25-50 mg/day) may help resolve the symptoms since all of them help reduce inflammation and help the bladder lining heal up fast.

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Having uti symptoms for ovet 2 weeks already. Now after culture my dr perscribed macrobid. But already having lover back pain and side pain.?

Start antibiotic. Whether your UTI is just in the bladder or has now involved the kidneys, the antibiotic choices are generally the same, and MacroBid is generally a good choice. The only difference may be the duration - two weeks for a kidney infection versus three for a bladder infection. So start the antibiotic and follow up with your doctor in a few days to make sure you're improving.

I had a negative urine culture for a UTI. I had chlamydia 6 months ago. Is it possible that my UTI symptoms are actually symptoms of chlamydia again?

Yes. Chlamydia can cause UTI with symptoms similiar to other types of UTI. Rate of recurrent urogenital Chlamydia can be as high as 30% in some cases so it is certainly reasonable to get retested to see if you have reucrrence.

Daughter has UTI symptoms that come and go once a week. Negative urine culture. Does not have back pain or fever or other symptoms.

Probably cystitis. She may need to get her urine test repeated a few times and get examined by her pediatrician to r/o urethritis type problem that may be recurring. Some girls who bathe in tub get such symptoms as well for which a change in such habits and reinforcing genital hygiene can help.
Local irritation. These are often a product of sitting in soap suds in a bath, excessive soaping of the genitals or contact with scented toilet tissue, bath oils, etc. If these are not totally removed they can leave a film on the genitals &amp; the kid digs at it while half asleep. The trauma will result in such a pattern. Avoiding the exposures can sometimes end this in a week.

Have uti symptoms had test shows white cells in urine and blood yet the urine culture shows no uti have back pain too what could be wrong?

Probably still UTI. Hi Jessi, It certainly sounds as if you have a UTI. A urine culture can be falsely negative, as can any lab test. Were you taking antibiotics when the culture was done, causing a negative culture? Other possibilities are urinary tract stones and bladder tumor. I suggest rechecking the urinalysis and culture, and then see your doctor or a urologist to help you look into it further. Good luck.

Recently treated for UTI, urin culture showed WBC but no bacteria. Went to gyno a week later, now have a bleeding cervix and UTI symptoms What's wrong?

I do not know. But form your symptoms it sounds like you have some sort of underlying infection. I always train and teach medical students and young doctors that we treat patients, not results, so if you feel as if you have UTI symptoms, and did have WBC's in the UA, then maybe a short treatment course may be in order. Continue to follow-up with your Gyn for evaluations and treatment. Good luck to you.