Is there greater risk of getting trichomoniasis from uncircumsized penis?

Not that I know. Hygiene can be a problem in the uncircumcised male who does not regularly retract the foreskin and clean themselves- this may predispose to more potential for local infection and transmission theoretically. Interesting research has found that the risk of a man getting HIV is higher in the uncircumcised male due to special cells in the foreskin which allow easier entry of the virus.

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Am I more likely to get trichomoniasis from uncircumsized penis?

Possibly. Trichomonads can live in the sulcus of the penis in the uncircumcised male. This may lead to increased symptoms and passing it on to a partner more easily. It is harder to survive in the circumcised male. They can live in the tip of the penis in both "cut" and "uncut" males. If you are referring to catching it from a female, the same applies. Be safe, use condoms and good hygiene. Read more...