Is there a special toothbrush for cleaning your wisdom teeth? Have high narrow palate so hard to reach

Not necessarily... However, a power toothbrush may help you reach those areas easier and may be slightly more efficient. I use a manual brush, but many of my patients like the oral-b professional or a sonicare. I've tried both as well and they seem to be easy to use.
Specialty brushes. Check with your dentist or hygienist for recommendations. End-tuft brush made by gum works well. (disclosure: no financial interest).
Which toothbrush? In addition to the great answers already given, in hard to reach places, such as behind your lower teeth and all the way back in your mouth, in addition to patients who have a strong gag reflex, one can use the smaller headed children's toothbrush. There are also inexpensive plastic holders to help floss your back teeth. Take a look at the assorment of choices in your pharmacy or supermarket.
No. But, we use the rotodent in our office and it has the smallest head of any other I am aware of.