Is it possible to get a tummy tuck at the age of 63?

See MD first . You should have your real age evaluated and your overall health assessed as well as your candidacy for general anesthesia and preoperative risks. If you are otherwise in good health and can achieve results that meet with your expectations, I do not see any reason why not to proceed.
Yes. Age is only a number. Your general state of health is much more important.
Yes. Assuming the patient is in good health, age itself is not a contraindication. Best to seek "medical clearance” from doctors who know you best prior to proceeding. Best wishes.
Patient health.... Patient health is the issue that rules supreme in tummy tuck surgery and most cosmetic surgery for that matter. If the patient is healthy and medically fit, tummy tuck surgery is frequently possible. The best way to assess this is to see your primary doctor and ask for such an evaluation. Most good plastic surgeons get them (medical clearance) on patients after a certain age anyway.
Absolutely. As long as your in good health, there is no reason not to do it now. I have done a number of patients in their 60's and up to 75.
Absolutely! If a 63 yr old is healthy meaning normal heart, lung, liver and kidney functions then they are definitely eligible. I have many patients over 60 and even in the young 70's who have had tremendous results in losing their loose skin and fat by abdominoplasty.