Does a cervical compression fracture of C7 t1 heal completely?

C Spine Fracture . Most spine fractures will heal with rest and spine support (brace). Ligament injury or fracture fragment compression on the spinal cord or nerve roots may require surgical decompression with or without stabilization. Consultation with a specialist in cervical spine injuries is indicated as misdiagnosis can lead to neurologic deficit.
Perspective. Compression fractures of the spine typically heal with time, often requiring bracing and less ofter, surgery. However, "healing" is relative. The loss of height will likely always be apparent. By "healed, " we typically mean that the bone integrity has been restored.

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My 16 year old son has a C7 t1 compression fracture will he have problems and have to be extra careful the rest of his life?

How did it happen? If it is due to trauma, once it has completely healed, the likely future issues would be with degenerative joint disease, or neck "arthritis", which would probably occur sooner because of the trauma. If due to another cause, more details of that cause are needed. Please speak with your doctor or a spine specialist for more detail. Read more...
Cervical Fracture . Most cervical spine fractures will heal solid. The biggest problem is whether the ligaments (hold bone to bone) were damaged. Ligaments do not heal and can lead to segmental instability between the spinal segments. Have your son discuss this aspect with the treating physician. Read more...