Do whey protein and mass gainer cause impotence?

No reasons to be... I couldn't found reasons to support concern/connection of whey protein/mass gainer to ed. Note: healthy lifestyle + no overindulgence ; obsession = surest insurance to keep up free-flow circulation to distribute nutrition to nurture all tissues ; organs = more energy ; ability to display an active/vibrant life, sex included. Despite enlisting its mental ; physical causes, both are inseparable.

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Help, what is the difference between whey protein and mass gainer?

See below. whey protein is a type of protein that is a supplement and helps with muscle growth and is a source of protein. it comes from milk. mass gainer is a commercial name for a combination of products that might also contain varieties of proteins and amino acids. read label carefully. Read more...

Does whey protein help you put on more lean muscle than a mass gainer?

Maybe. first of all you need to read the ingredients in "mass gainer". you may be surprised to see that it is mostly whey protein. you do need protein and carbs after a workout to gain muscle. Read more...