Do thrombosed hemorrhoids weep?

Care of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are a dilation and swelling of the expandable tissue around the rectal opening. Most like a varicose vein and yes they can leak. Non operative treatment includes a bowel regimen (fiber, stool softeners, laxatives to goal of 2 soft bowel movements daily) local salves (prep h, desitin, (zinc oxide diaper cream) anti fungals) and hygiene (shower, hair dryer area daily). Surgery only if above fails.

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Hi doctors, was just wondering what is a thrombosis hemorrhoid?

Thrombosis. A hemorrhoid is a enlarged vein at the anus or in the lower rectum. Internal hemorrhoids are deep to the anus. External hemorrhoids are outside of the anus. A hemorrhoid is a bump that can cause pain, bleeding and may be itchy. A thrombosed hemorrhoid contains a clot which causes redness ; ^ pain. Read more...

Thromboses hemorrhoid... I was told by a doc on this site that I might have this, first off what exactly is it, second what are the treatments?

Hemorrhoid. A thrombosed hemorrhoid is a hemorrhoid that has a clot in it. It is usually felt as a painful swollen lump around the anus. Treatments can be sitz baths with warm water with several cups of epsom salts added twice daily. Topical creams such as anusol are also helpful. Sometimes if they are extremely painful, they may need to have the clot surgically removed. Read more...